Saturday, February 18, 2012

Good Parenting? or Hard Parenting?

I am not a guru nor claiming to be an expert in parenting. But don't we feel that we are pushing our kids too hard at times? Aren't we forcing them to do something just because that was once our dream, so that we could live vicariously through them? Don't we just want to bolster our own self-esteem by having a gifted child to show off to others? If we answer no to these questions, guilt-free, then, by all means carry on.

Luis tries Taekwondo at age 4.

When I was a kid, my parents made me take piano lessons and ballet. I do not remember that I was forced into it. Although I recall that there were times when I wished my piano teacher would not show up. There were times when I prayed that my ballet teacher would cancel lesson. Needless to say, I did not progress. They say if we start young, we pick up things faster. Well I guess I was an exemption. But I must say that I am forever grateful to my parents for giving me the chance. Even if I have not become the greatest pianist, nor a Lisa Macuja, at least I could read musical notes, play a little piano, and keep the grace I got from ballet. I do not have to look back and wonder about an undiscovered musical talent that was not nurtured.

Luis takes up swimming lessons before he turned 5.

Now that I am a parent myself to a 7 year-old, I would like him to try different things too, especially if I sense in him a natural talent for something. I like him to be good in more things than just playing video games. Naturally, I only have his best interest in mind. Learning an instrument improves ones thinking skills, math skills, and in my experience even reading skills. Getting into sports can stem the tide of child obesity.

Luis joins Ateneo Basketball School at 6.

Remember, we have to let our kids choose what aspect of music or sports they want to be involved in. And if they cannot hit the ball nor rock the tune, it's ok. Make them feel that they are still the best.

Luis plays guitar at 7.

Never ever disregard play time. After all, they are kids. And kids need to explore and create their own adventure in order for them to learn and appreciate the things around them. They need to get their hands dirty at times. No need to panic if they do.

Let's give our kids every advantage to succeed. In due time, when it's their turn, they will be thankful that their parents taught them about good parenting.

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