Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My journey. His evolution.

What do I say when people ask me what I do for a living? I would say, 'I work in a bank.' And I would follow it up with, 'but I am a full time mom.' I love being a mom and there's no job in the world more important to me.

Like any other moms, I have recorded, and will continue to record every detail of my son's 'evolution.' And because I can’t help myself, I am going to inundate you with pictures of my good looking 7 year old as he evolves.

I have thousands of pictures, no exaggeration. His countless firsts, the every stage of his advancement, his accomplishments (will have a separate post on this one), and all things he does which justify my existence in the world. It's all accounted. I am a proud mom. I do not need any title besides that.

And the wonderful journey continues...

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