Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Sanctuary

In this time of cutting edge technology, when the most advanced e-gadgets are readily available and accessible, when the major form of communication is via text messages or online chatting, when one could Google just about everything....a phenomena that seem so huge in the risk dimension, where the very existence of personal relationships are at stake... It makes me panic and anxious especially when I think about my kid and his future.

It is nice that, once in awhile we live off the beaten track and touch on the intangibles - learn the more important things - and find our sanctuary. Here at Mater Cristi, Luis and I found our Sanctuary.

A project of my parents, dedicated to our Beloved Mother Mary, the family's sanctuary was built years ago. Only an hour away from the City, it's a perfect setting away from the threatening challenges of the times.

Connecting with nature is like communicating with a more certain world...

When I think about my kid, I think about what is best for him. Here at our sanctuary, Luis gets to run freely, without fear of being run over. He gets to enjoy fresh air, the produce of the fruit-bearing trees, catch butterflies, throw a coin in the wishing well, gets to spend time away from playing e-gadgets (you might have noticed my animosity towards e-gadgets in my previous posts), and other things more important.

Our sanctuary is open to everyone who wants to take time out to commune with nature, bask in the beauty that surrounds it, and bond with their loved ones.

Determine what is best for your kid. Experience our sanctuary.

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