Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Through The Eyes of a Seven Year Old.

I know my son very well and so I could tell when he's up into something. Last night, the eve of Valentine's Day, he requested that I withdraw from his savings account in the bank tomorrow. I couldn't take count of how many times I was reminded about this. He was so pressing. Since I have been witness to how this savings came about; -passing up visits at Timezone which happens to be his favorite hang-out (the effort and discipline involve here are unimaginable I could tell), -his excess allowances in school saved from turning his back on yet another 2 favorites -C2 and siomai (again, big struggle on his part), and which he religiously asks me to deposit each week. The last one being P58.00. -my change from the grocery cashier which he politely asks to keep everytime, and other personal efforts I find so endearing. Since he's been saving up for, according to his own words, 'to buy only the important things', I just trusted and never asked what's cooking. Came the day-Valentine's Day. I received a call from the office. It was from him asking me to buy cake. When I got home and handed him the money he asked me to withdraw, he said to my surprise (but I actually had a hint), "Mom keep the money, that's yours. And the cake is yours too. I would have bought it myself, if only I knew how to drive. Happy valentine's day and I love you.I hope you bought your favorite." The life-long hidden meaning of Valentine's Day right there revealed.

We shared the cake afterwards, and it tasted so sweet.

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