Thursday, March 8, 2012

All Shopped Out.

If my son is into egadgets (which I strongly oppose), I am into shoes (which he strongly oppose). Since that would translate to a shorter Timezone stint for him or just an hour stay at Little Martians because I also need time to shop for shoes. I confess, when I stop buying shoes, I am just in remission. Its temporary and incomplete subsidence. The compulsion doesn't completely leave me. Intensity of the desire just varies :) Sort of just relaxing a bit in preparation for another shoe 'attack.' I can’t help it — the general frenzy surrounding the buying of shoes gives me a magical make-over. I just love the feeling of buying shoes.....

But as a mom, I discipline my child by showing a good example to him. I buy only when I need to :) I just have to work my way into justifying this need. Besides, it melts my heart everytime Luis' face lights up knowing he has enough time to spend hanging around at his fave spot.

Sharing with you the following pairs I bought the past few months because I just needed to: [:-)]

I maybe first in line for the new shoes in town. I maybe enslaved to the habit. But I am still a mom, first and foremost!

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