Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jumping On It Early

It is said that thoughts and idea put in a child's mind at a young age never dies. Therefore, everytime I get an opportunity, I always instill to my son, the importance of saving money. I encourage him to put in the bank his excess school allowance so that everytime he wants to buy something, he could buy it using his own savings. He should work for it and earn it if he really wants it, that's my mantra. There was a time when Luis made sandwiches to sell. His signature - a whole chocolate bar between 2 slices of bread, imagine that! - his loyal customers include his lolo and lola.

Another earning opportunity presented itself to us when Luis was invited to the Kiddopreneur Bazaar at Rockwell Club. This event aimed to teach kids about entrepreneurship by setting-up their own booths and actually manning it on their own. I took charge in the ordering of empanada minis and pizza minis which he would sell. Luis prepared and decorated his own booth which he proudly named "My Mini Me Booth."

After preparing the booth and display, Luis dressed himself for the part. This has earned him an interview by a tv reporter who was there to cover the event.

Luis' most loyal customer did not miss the event. His lola was also present to support. She was probably going around the different booths when this shot was taken.

I doubted at first if Luis would last till the end of the event. The place was crowded, the noise was a little unbearable, and the ventilation was not that perfect at all. These would normally frustrate Luis but, surprisingly, he didn't mind that time. Every now and then, he would just take a bite of the pizza mini he's selling then he's ready to go again. Peso bills and coins were coming in and it excites him. He's even doing the accounting every now and then. The 5-hour event gave him a total earning of P2,076.00. He was ecstatic! I was proud. Next day, he was in the bank making a deposit.

Young as he is, i know he's learning to embrace the good habit of saving. I believe old habits die hard, so, if we can instil good habits in our child at early age that will be life lesson for them.

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