Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How to bridge the gap. Love for pets.

Being the only child, and the only kid in the house, Luis finds himself always looking for friends to play with. Of course there's always the mom who's there to play combat and wrestle with him everytime, but the 'numbers gap' makes all the difference. Sometimes I just couldn't catch up :) That is why it makes him very happy whenever his friends or cousins visit him. But there's always an obvious change in mood when its time for his playmates to leave. This is the reason why there's been a conscious effort on my part to have pets in the house. Luis loves having pets around. They've been his constant companion and he never worries about them having to go.

I gave Luis these rabbits during his 5th birthday. Rabbits require social interaction and that's what Luis wants. He gave them a cutie name: Ability and Billy.

These African lovebird pair was given last year during valentines day. He named them John and Ria. Where Luis got these names is still a mystery.

Then came Grant, a lhaso apso. Since then, Grant has been Luis' favorite - 'A bestfriend,' he says.

He plays with him after school and supervises in the feeding. Whenever we go out shopping, Luis always comes back with a treat for Grant. He absolutely loves spoiling him rotten.


Having pets around not only gives my kid the opportunity to learn about responsibility, with plenty of supervision by mom of course, but it also shortens his facetime with the computer and takes his time away from playing egadgets.(Yes!) And it bridges the gap too! :-)

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