Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Opposites Attract

When it comes to food, we agree! Atleast in the context of wanting to eat. But while Luis likes his meal plain to the point of being bland, I like it flavorful and spicy -all the works. I would even fry some no cook sausages in the hope of adding more flavor to it. He's ok taking fried fishes without the assorted sauces that most of us would love having with the lowly fried fish. Taste-wise, I'm more adventurous, while he's run of the "meal". He's happy with chocolate bars, i would love fruit salads and leche flans. He eats four times as much and four times more often than I do.

Our usual snacks were clashing flavors.

For him, monster float
w/ parental guidance :-)

For me, hilaw na mangga't bagoong
(green mango & shrimp paste)

“Mismatched” you say, but this difference is what strengthens our partnership. We just click! We do goof around and laugh with each other frequently. We mesh well together and the reality that we make each other's lives flavorful is what we both enjoy.

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