Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Animal Influence

We love all things vintage and there's nothing more classic and versatile than an animal print garment. Its good pattern could spice up any look and add a little twists to our everyday outfit.

Gone were the times when animal prints, such as leopard or tiger, were used predominantly for lingerie only and weren't appropriate at all for the workplace. Now, animal prints are actually becoming essential pieces for any woman’s wardrobe, like mine.

This blazer from Tango is one of my favorite and will always be a memorable staple from my wardrobe collection (not that I have much). Since it has been a big designer look in 2012, yet again, I might just invest on a few more pieces of animal print goodness for myself this year. Its popularity I believe, would carry on in 2013 and beyond.

The key to wearing animal prints is to use a few basic key pieces with it like this Forever 21 black trousers I paired with my blazer. It somehow enhances the outfit. Remember not to wear too much if you dont want your outfit to come across as garish or costume-y.

I love this gold detail linings on my top from The Ramp. You wouldn't feel dressed too casual if you decide to remove the blazer when it gets too warm.

Some other animal print options you might invest in are belts, vests, a button-up top, a silk scarf, and of course, shoes. Shoes are one of the greatest animal print items you can buy, and they’ll get some great compliments too.

Don’t be afraid to wear animal prints, but remember to use them sparingly to get the most fabulousness out of your fashion!

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