Monday, January 21, 2013

Might as well be polka dots!

While Times Square New York City has its famous ball dropping in New Year's eve, I'm thinking... why not start something like it in Manila? Say, we gather around the symbolic Edsa Shrine? or Rizal Park maybe? It may not exactly be like a ball drop event and how they do it in NYC since that wouldn't be an original anymore, and Filipinos are not known to be copycats (ok, just a bit).  

Something like a gathering of people say, all in red, for luck with love? Or can you imagine streets full of people wearing polka dots even for just one single night to welcome the new year? Polka dots are known to symbolize wealth and prosperity, and Filipinos are known to be superstitious. Wow, I can imagine this event becoming a global tradition in the future :) Can you almost feel my excitement and enthusiasm here :) It would be fun and beautiful don't you think? 

Oh well... let me stop my wishful thinking for now. Meantime, allow me to be the 'man on the street' giving polka dots a big, sweeping moment. Cheers for a prosperous 2013!

Top and Skirt: Forever 21

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