Thursday, January 3, 2013

Orange Trench Coat

Wearing trench coats in a tropical country like ours is like an out-of-mind call. But whoever says trench coats are only for winter is trapped inside the box. Knowing myself, a sucker for brights and everything nice, I didn't have second thoughts wearing my orange trench coat. The holiday breeze, no matter how gentle and mild we have of it played a role and I got away with it (i hope so).

This orange coat is not your usual heavy duty cotton that most trench coats are made of. It's light weight and comes down just above the knee.

Every time I wear something like this, everything just seems so cool and easy breezy. The white sleeveless dress gave me the attitude and complemented the coat pretty well.

This persian green multi-link necklace did its own thing as well. Anything in the shades of green will look good with orange. It's like what the yellow color does with blue.

Of course, my ultimate reliable fashion high heels in mixed colors has to be it!

So, there you go! :)

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