Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sheen, Shine and Peplum!

Peplum was and has been the in thing last year. But is it an unbeatable wardrobe must-have? In my opinion, YES. The beauty of it is that it can be worn to anywhere! Movies, office, social events! Its perfect for any outing or formal event where you want to look extra special and stylish. Here the peplum was worn as an office outfit.

The waist clinching ruffle is for all and its definitely unwise to hold back from its beauty as it has an awesome way of adding an edgy, ultra feminine and flirty beauty to your look.

Wearing a peplum design won't make you look thin but instead helps accentuate your waist-to-hip curves at the same time creating flattering body beauty for most curves (use your imagination here :).

For those who want to add a perfect ladylike flair to their ensembles, this is definitely a must try! It is advisable though that the peplum clings right to your body as this helps give the hourglass vibe and look. (oh please help yourself and ponder :).

skirt & neckpiece - Forever21; top - Mango; shoes - The Ramp Shangrila; SM accessories

The sheen and shine hue of the skirt (although not shown clearly here) combined with the equally sheen and shine hue of the top make for an eye-catching look that goes beyond the basics.

Peplum now!

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