Saturday, May 4, 2013

Luis Starts to Write - "All About My Life"

Here's Luis' 3rd (unedited) blog post. You will see omission of some letters though. You will understand why.

All About My Life

First, I want to talk about myself. My hobbies are eating, watching tv, chatting with my friends, and play gadgets. 
Sometimes, I am an annoying orange to my friends. 
My favorite food is spareribs. It tastes so good! I would recommend it to others. Try it!
My family and friends say that I am a smartypants. But my gaming skills are over 900 gazillions. A nerd and a geek are adjectives that describe me very well. 
Now, I am going to talk about my family, friends, loved ones, enemies, and my cousins.
My mom is a loving and caring mother. Everyday, my mom and I study at the 3rd floor of my house even though it's very late. 
She also gives me my vitamins everyday and prepares my milk every night before I sleep.
My grandfather is the head of the family. Even though he's strict, he still brings me to school every day. My grandmother is really loving. Before, she used to call me 'abutongtong'. But now, I seldom hear her call me that. Maybe because I have grown big for it already. The best adjective I could use to describe her is that she is really loving.
Tita Gi, is someone very kind and she's the friendliest of all. She's very different from her husband, Tito Jocas. But something strange happened. Tito Jocas became better, kinder and friendlier. Next is Papa Man and Tata. They used to live with us but now they don't anymore. I miss them and I want them to be around all the time.
One of my friends is Miguel. He's a nerd and a geek just like me. We both have the same likes. Next is Renz, Even though he's sensitive most of the times, he's still a good friend. We also play this game called "Total War" which the both of us invented on our drawing books. We also love chatting with each other about a lot of different stuff. One of my enemies is J____. Before we were good friends, and he was even in my "Total War" Group (or club) before! But now, he always annoys me. He tells me to the GLC even if I only did a minor thing or nothing at all! Next is L____ and T_____. They keep shouting at me but of course, I always fight back. 
Ate Aly and Ate Sofi are two of my cousins. I'm jealous of their friendship. Next, Cheska is my second favorite cousin. We spend most of the time playing. And lastly, Joachim who is my favorite cousin. Even though he's only 3, we always wrestle each other. Hardcore! I almost forgot Rafa, the youngest in the family. Obviously I can't play with her yet because she's still young and I might hurt her.
That's all I have to say. I love my life!

Till his next...

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