Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Blues Solved by a Little Black Dress

Monday is a particularly moody day for me. I am always a bit down when returning to work. Not that I hate what I'm doing (but do I like it? =), I just thought it's natural especially after a fun and rested weekend. Oh I know you feel the same way. Lol.

So when I feel too lazy to put some effort into my look (happens mostly on Mondays), and I feel at a loss for what to wear (happens most of the time), and still want to keep it safe, I wear my LBD. It's simplicity exudes sophistication and who doesn't want that?

Touted as the must-have clothing item for women - the faithful and iconic LBD. A little black dress is something we can't live without. It's perfect for day or night, and almost every occasion. It's stylish. It's classic. It's incredibly versatile. And most of all, it’s a great concealer! If I have 'areas I’d like to camouflage' (oh I have a lot), then the LBD is my go-to outfit.

Most LBDs do not need styling since it's classy on its own, particularly this one from Forever 21. I love the length and it's white details took it to the next level and actually eliminated the need for a pearl necklace.

And because of the simplicity of this dress, the face becomes the center of attention, and so OMG! Little did I know that! :)

Since little black dresses could basically stand on their own, a few bangles would have to do. 

I'm glad to have found this pair of shoes from Forever 21 and they have white details too! Isn't it cute that it perfectly matches my little black dress?

So there! Fight the ill effects of Monday blues and trust the little black dress. 

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